Why do I need to think about website security?

We always make sure that every site we build has the best level of security we can provide.

However, with high-profile sites such as Twitter getting hacked, it proves that no site is 100 % secure and we want to continually provide our customers with regular updates as we discover them. Unfortunately however, we can not provide continous security free-of-charge. Regular updates are needed to keep websites secure from ever-more complex threats and this costs us time to do. The software needed to scan sites for vulnerabilities also costs us to use.

Therefore, our policy is that once a website has been built, the responsibility of its security transfers to the owner/client. We may provide suggestions as to what needs to be done to improve the security of the website and we will always provide a quote up-front for any work that we suggest.


Is my site at risk?

No website is 100 % secure however in our experience any website built using PHP or with a MySQL database has the highest level of risk. We ensure a number of steps are taking to make sure the code that runs your website is secure but if you have any concerns, please get in touch.


What can I do to help?

Make sure you make regular backups of your sites files and your databases. If you don’t know how to do this, we can offer a backup service for just £14.00 per month.


What happens if my website is hacked?

Contact us. We can restore your site from any backups you may have and we will also have a look to find any vulnerabilities. Our price for this recovery service will vary dependent upon the size of the site and the complexity of the attack.


A matter of trust

We always put honesty and trust at the forefront of our working process, so if you ever have any concerns please just get in touch for a chat. We welcome any feedback you may have and any suggestions you have to improve our service to you.