Wordpress Website Hosting



Per Month

Suitable for small sites that require limited support.

Single Domain

5GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Shared Hosting

SSL Certificate Included New



Per Month

Premium hosting for complex sites, where 'up-time' is critical to your business. Priority support.

Unlimited Domains

25GB Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

PCI Compliance

Extra resources and more power

2x Memory, 2x CPUs

Latest Dell enterprise-grade servers

Priority Support

SSD Disks (16x faster)

Backups every 6 hours (4 x per day)

SSL Certificates (256-bit) available)*

* set-up fee and additional monthly fees may apply.

Prices are excluding VAT.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is probably the most common hosting product available on the web. Your website will be hosted on a server alongside many other websites. This is an efficient use of hardware resources and therefore the cheapest option available.

"Although shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a Web presence, it is usually not sufficient for Web sites with high traffic. These sites need a dedicated Web server, either provided by a Web hosting service or maintained in-house." - reference

What is an SSD disk?

A “solid state drive” is much faster than traditional disk drives. Our managed and dedicated hosting uses these SSD disks, which means that your site can load up to 16x faster!

What hosting support is available?

Amongst other factors, we have chosen our hosting suppliers based on the strength of their technology, but as we know, sometimes technology fails. Therefore we provide three levels of support, one for each hosting plan – to help get you back up and running again.

Our basic ‘self-managed’ hosting is designed for simple websites with low traffic. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we will contact our hosting provider on your behalf to resolve the issues for you. Typical support times are 6 – 8 hours during the working week.

On our ‘managed’ and ‘dedicated’ plans, there is even less chance of any issues with reliability – due to the increase in hardware resources available to your website. In the unlikely event of any hosting issues, we will work to resolve the issues as a matter of priority. Typical support times will be much quicker.

What about website changes, security and backups?

We still recommend all of our customers have a maintenance package with us. This gives us time to ensure your WordPress site is secure and up-to-date each month, as well as helping with any changes you need. This kind of support is different from hosting support, the latter focusing on hardware issues and the former revolving around the website itself.