Terms of Business

Who do these terms apply to?

As a client of Web Wise Media Ltd, the terms and conditions outlined on this webpage apply to you if any of the following are true:

  1. You have agreed to a proposal or quote from Web Wise Media. Agreement can be made in writing by either electronic or printed means or in some cases; verbally
  2. You have paid a deposit for work to be done by Web Wise Media.
  3. You have commissioned us, in any way, to do work for you or a company you work for

If these terms apply to you, then this web page acts as a legally binding contract between the client and Web Wise Media.

Web Wise Media Ltd is hereafter referred to as Web Wise Media or ‘WWM’.

Proposals are valid for a maximum of 30 days.



Web Wise Media is responsible for keeping accurate and honest records of all work done.

The client is responsible for informing WWM in advance, when there is a specific requirement to be included on their project.


Expectations of Communications

The client is responsible for responding to any correspondence from the company, especially where communication is required to allow work to continue.

Web Wise Media aims to respond to any communications within 24 hours, where possible, during the working week (Monday – Friday).

Reports of work undertaken will be made available within 14 days upon request.


Failure to respond

If the client fails to respond to any communications for a continuous period of more than 3 weeks, we reserve the right to charge the client for the full remainder balance of the project, unless otherwise agreed.


Payment Terms, Schedule and Amounts

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit in advance of all work. Some exceptions may apply and these will be communicated to you separately.

We then request a further 25% on submission of a first draft of any work, and then full balance of payment is required before completing the project (such as making a new website live).

Full balance of payment is required before transferring ownership of any work to the client.

All invoices must be settled within 30 days. Web Wise may terminate any of your services if payment is not received within 30 days. Furthermore, a fee will be added to all invoices if left unpaid after 30 days. This fee will appear in the form of interest charged at 15% above the bank of England base rate, calculated on a daily basis.


Cancelling or Amending a Contract

The client may cancel a contract at any time by submitting their cancellation in writing to the other party, 28 days in advance. The client will be charged an hourly rate of £50 or whatever was agreed (whichever is highest) for all work undertaken up to the point of cancellation.

Under special circumstances, both the client and WWM may agree to cancel or amend this contract before the completion of the project. This is acceptable when both parties are in agreement.

Should the client wish to upgrade their contract at any time, to include additional features, please contact Web Wise Media to discuss this.


Additional Costs or Purchases

In rare circumstances, the client may need new software or equipment specific to the client’s project etc. Expenses and purchases made by WWS, on the clients behalf, will be agreed in writing (electronic mail) beforehand.

Web Wise Media is not liable for any unforeseen costs or charges that may arise as a result of this contract.

We do not accept any liability for any loss of income or other losses, charges or fines due to your website being unavailable, nor for any other aspect of our undertakings on your behalf. Such undertakings include maintenance on emails, updating web sites, repairing technical equipment etc. If there is any system, product, process or object – virtual or otherwise – that you do not wish us to change, alter, delete or update, this must be expressed in writing upon entering into a contract.


Ownership and Intellectual Property

Any work undertaken by Web Wise Media on behalf of the client will be on projects that belong to the client. However, any software or technical infrastructure that is developed to allow this contract to function remains the property of its creator: Web Wise Media. This includes, for example, any helpdesk software, content-management systems, design frameworks, website theme frameworks, website building blocks or job-tracking systems. These are examples of systems that allow Web Wise Media to operate for all our customers and are not project-specific.


Live Chat, Customer Engagement and Reputation Management

Web Wise Media accepts no responsibility for any harm caused through our marketing for your business. This includes damage to your reputation, customer-base and income. By commissioning us to undertake services such as social media management, live chat with your customers, email marketing or general engagement with your prospects in any form, you agree to trust in our marketing expertise and accept all responsibility for any negative publicity that may happen to occur during our contract. We agree to never engage in a process which we believe will harm your business in this way, but it must be made clear that due to the nature of digital communications and the Internet, any form of engagement with another human can result in an undesired result.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend any contract where our time-commitments are becoming unmanageable due to our clients business growth or misreported estimates, such as estimated levels of traffic to your website or an increase in customer enquiries.


Hosting Terms and Conditions

The following hosting terms and conditions apply if you have chosen a hosting package with Web Wise Media.

Web Wise Media provides hosting on behalf of our clients through servers purchased from other third-party companies.

Web Wise Media will not take responsibility for any downtime or any issue pertaining to the reliability or performance of this service. However, we will attempt to negotiate, within reason, any issues that may arise between our clients and third-parties.

We will attempt to get your website or email online as quickly as possible, but we are not responsible for any losses incurred to you, as a result of this downtime.

The terms and conditions set out by the third-party applies to both Web Wise Media as the purchaser of their services, and our clients, as the end-user. These terms and conditions are available on the third-party website. Please contact us for more information about our suppliers. Should any party be in breach of these terms and conditions knowingly or unknowingly, we reserve the right to limit our liability to not exceed the income gained from selling the service initially.

Web Wise Media provide no IT support, including support for your personal computers and electronic devices, for example: email client set-ups. If you require this level of support, make sure you purchase the appropriate hosting package and always check with us in advance of entering a contract.

Web Wise Media chooses our supplier carefully – as a provider of website hosting – because we believe their service to be of a superior quality and a competitive price.

Should the third-party choose to adjust their prices it is at our discretion as to whether we pass these costs on to our customers, but not during their pre-agreed contract period.

Any cancellation must be made in writing and must adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned here. Cancellations will not incur a refund for any hosting fees already paid, except where we are responsible of negligence or in breach of these terms.

Our hosting prices are reviewed annually.


Email Security

Email Security Warning: Any proposal is intended for the mentioned recipient in an email, and its contents are confidential. If you are not the intended recipient please notify the sender immediately without copying or onward transmission.

Web Wise Media will use email communication as evidence that a client has agreed to the implementation of a proposal, and that client will therefore be responsible for paying all necessary charges upon completion of the agreement.


Website Security and Maintenance

Unless a recurring contract has been agreed in writing, upon completion of any work the responsibility of security and maintenance passes to the owner/client. Web Wise Media is not responsible for your website after completion. See website security policy for more details.

If you have a maintenance plan with us, we will provide an agreed amount of support or coding each month. This allowance does not “roll-over” and must be used or lost on a month-by-month basis.