How we work

Maintenance Plans = Best Value

If you require regular updates and support, then you should have a Maintenance Plan with us, and become a “Supported Customer”. They’re the best way to get access to our services when you need them, and at the best rates.

Our packages start at just £20.00 per month and give you a discount on any additional ad-hoc development work and support that you may need. Customers who have a maintenance plan with us have their requests prioritised over new customers, reflecting our commitment to building ongoing relationships.

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Out-of-hours / Emergency Work

“Out of hours” includes any work outside of Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

“Emergency work” includes any urgent work that needs to be done immediately. Normally when we receive requests to undertake a new job, we give our customers a time-scale based upon our work-load. There are times however when our clients need some work done immediately and wish to “jump the queue”.

We charge a higher-rate for out-of-hours / emergency work.


Get A Project Quote

Wherever possible, we like to give you a quote up front for the whole project.

We always take 50% deposit for any work that we do and 50% payment to be settled before handing over.


Speculative Work & Project Reviews

In many situations, it can be difficult to give you an accurate quote without doing some initial research into your specific technical systems and requirements. In these situations we charge a “project review fee” which is based on our estimated time to analyse your requirements, log in to your existing system and prepare a specification.