What’s it all about? Trustpilot!

The popularity of the review site “Trustpilot” has grown massively over its short life. It has quickly become one of the leading places to check the authenticity and quality of businesses, products and services on the net.

Here at Web Wise, we’re getting asked more and more to help to embed clients Trustpilots reviews into their sites. It’s a great way to build credibility with your website visitors!

So we thought we’d give it a try ourselves! You can now review us on Trustpilot. Click here to do so.

If you want to learn more about adding credibility to your business, get in touch or watch this video I made way back in 2015 which is still 100% relevant today.

Please review us on Trustpilot

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Dan Wiseman

Founder & director of Web Wise. He writes about web design, marketing, entrepreneurship, investing and games. Dan regularly speaks on these subjects and is available for coaching and consultancy.

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