The best way to sell on WordPress

Boom! Shopify and WordPress are at it again…

In the space of ten years, WordPress has grown into the world’s leading content management system. It powers an astonishing 26% of all content-managed sites. We love WordPress here and now we have another reason to sing its praises.

WordPress users can now make use of a collaboration with the e-commerce system Shopify, transforming their sites into a direct means of trading goods and services.

Shopify, who have already teamed up with Facebook so traders can communicate directly with their clients, have introduced a ‘Buy Now’ button, bringing Shopify’s secure shopping basket function straight to WordPress sites. It couldn’t be simpler, with an easy-to-use ‘drag and drop’ function to add the button to a page, as well as generating code so products can be added to the site with ease. Shopify haven’t ignored the aesthetics that makes WordPress so popular, either – the mini storefront is completely customisable to match a brand’s look.

Like WordPress, Shopify is booming – it powers over a quarter of a million sites worldwide and has helped its clients sell more than $14bn in products and services. Combining the two systems lets users take full advantage of what they’ve already built and allows them to start selling their goods from the comfort of their own blog or website.

Whether you’re an e-commerce expert or a complete novice, Shopify helps make the entire process as easy as possible. We’ve been partners with the platform for around 2 years now and have made countless online stores for our clients. All the hassles of e-commerce are dealt with.

So if you want to connect your WordPress site to Shopify and begin making some dosh – give us a call and let us help!

If you’d like to read more about the WordPress/Shopify plugin, check this link here.

The best way to sell on WordPress

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