Shopify has partnered with Facebook Messenger to allow you to communicate instantly with your customers

The latest update from Shopify is game-changing…

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Shopify Introduces a Better Way to Communicate With Your Customers Using Facebook Messenger

How does Messenger for Shopify work?

During checkout, shoppers who are signed into Facebook can choose to get order confirmations, shipping updates, customer service, and more through Messenger. Once they’ve opted in, they’ll get their first message, an order confirmation with their payment and shipping details, automatically sent from your business’ Facebook account. Future notifications are automatically sent through Messenger too, including shipping updates and push notifications that let them know their shipment has arrived.

While automating these notifications can make your life easier, and is certainly useful for shoppers, the real magic happens when a customer uses Messenger to send a heartfelt thank you or an unboxing selfie. You, of course, can send messages back, peppered with images, emojis, stickers, GIFS, and links to other products. And, the messages you and your customers send are always available in your chat history, where they can be accessed anytime, on any device.

If you’d like to find out more, the original update can be found here.

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