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  1. 5 Marketing Tips for Photographers

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    Vicky Wheeler (of Vicky Wheeler Photography) has been a close friend and client of webwise for a number of years now. In this article, she kindly outlines her top tips for networking online. If you’re a photographer, these will be very helpful!

    If you’re not a photographer, consider how Vicky’s example shows that social media can be a great tool for connecting yourself to new prospects. Many of our clients benefit from social media management, where the primary aim is to find networking opportunities that eventually materialise into offline connections.

    1. You don’t have to use professional models.

    I will happily admit that none of my models are actually looking for a career in modelling. They tend to be friends or acquaintances that I look at and think ‘yes, you’d look great in a photo’. Never think that the best way to get noticed is by having proper professional models as it’s rare you will even find one you can shoot with without spending a fortune.

    2. Always browse social networking sites with a professional eye.

    The amount of times I’ve been on Instagram and found a beautiful person, commented on their photo saying so and then organising a shoot with them is unreal. I’ve found my best models from Instagram, and also Facebook through friends and comments. It may feel like you’re having a cyber stalk but most people are flattered and want to work on something new and different.

    3. Twitter is a wonderful way to find make up artists.

    If you find the top MUAs and then look through their thousands of followers, there will be many great artists in there that you can contact and show praise.

    4. Be wary of the major modelling sites.

    Using the main portfolio and modelling sites like model mayhem and purpleport can be great but also tricky.

    Sometimes it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack because it is flooded with everyone, no filter for showing who is good and who isn’t. Be patient, there’s always a diamond in there somewhere, I’ve found a few. Purpleport is also great for finding MUAs and stylists.

    5. A great website is so important.

    People want to see you are serious so they can take you seriously. Linking them to a Facebook page or an online free hosted portfolio is not going to look great, especially for potential clients. Don’t think changing the domain name hides that, I can’t count on both hands the amount of times I’ve been given a link that takes me to a tumblr blog of work. People notice.


    If you need a website, or advice on how you can use the Internet to find new connections in your industry, please get in touch. And don’t forget to check out Vicky’s website!