New year, new password

Did you know that a number one cause of WordPress hacks is an insecure password? I am constantly amazed at how many times we discover a password being used that is incredibly ‘weak’! As a new year begins, for the sake of housekeeping, why not choose a new, more secure one?

Here are some tips:

A strong password doesn’t have to be difficult to remember

A big myth in web security is that your password needs to be a series of random numbers and letters… no! Check this out: How To Pick a Password 

Pick four words – easy.

It’s easy to update your password

All you have to do is login to your WordPress site dashboard and click on “Users” and “Your Profile”…

how to change your password on WordPress

Then you will find a password box, which you can update. Easy!

So no excuses, start your year with a new, secure password and help keep the hackers away.


– By Dan Wiseman



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