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Website Maintenance & Support Plans

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With a website maintenance & support plan from Web Wise, you can rest easy knowing someone is keeping an eye on your site.. From as little as £20 per month, we can offer:

  • Maintain security and updates wherever possible.
    EXTREMELY important to help prevent hacks and downtime!
  • Regular backup of your website*
  • Restore from backup if ever necessary*
  • Up to 30 minutes of content updates… Send us your content and we’ll update your site for you!
  • Or up to 30 minutes of development time (coding)

If you would like to talk about getting cost-effective access to support for your website, please contact us here.

* Backups are created if requested and hosted with us. Restoring from backup only possible if one is available. 

Why have a plan with us?

If you require regular updates and support, then you should have a website maintenance & support plan with us, and become a “Supported Customer”. They’re the best way to get access to our services when you need them, and at the best rates.

One of the big plus points is that you get a discount on any additional ad-hoc development work and support that you may need each month. Customers who have a website maintenance & support plan with us have their requests prioritised over new customers, reflecting our commitment to building ongoing relationships.

Don’t leave it to chance

With high-profile sites like Twitter and Sony appearing in the news over hacking attempts, its especially important that small business invest in experts who can keep an eye on things. Whilst we spend time taking preventative measures, we can’t guarantee that your system won’t get attacked (no one can!) – but we can certainly do a fantastic job in putting things right.

Don’t leave it to chance, sign up today.

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