How to Write Interesting Content for Boring Businesses

Content is King. That’s what we’re always told. And, with more and more businesses investing in their ‘Content Marketing’, it’s up to us to make our content more and more interesting. Content marketing is all about producing interesting content to engage with their potential client-base (articles like this one you’re reading now for example). 

Well that’s easy to do if you’re a company like Google. Or Cadbury. Or Aston Martin. But what if you sell valves? Or toilets? Or valves for toilets? Here are a few tips for ‘boring’ businesses that have done just that. And if you want to make your content that little bit less dull then here are our top tips.

1. Know Your Niche

Your audience won’t change. If their interaction with your brand is to be worthwhile then you need to bring them in legitimately – you can’t trick them. So your content has to be related to what it is you do and written in a way that your audience will understand. Start by aiming your content at the die-hard fans (who will actively find you), write for them and them alone and see who else ‘sticks around’.

2. Find Your Angle

Find an interesting way to approach your subject. It has to be something that most people can relate to – find the human angle of whatever your brand is. It’s human nature to be intrigued so it is up to you to be intriguing.

Using the toilet valve as an example, why not tell some funny stories about something that you came across when your business first started? Or a nameless ‘customer from hell’? Whatever angle you choose – make it engaging.

3. Engage Your Audience

Remind your audience of things that they’ve potentially observed themselves. “The day my toilet valve broke and flooded the house” for example.

These observations are born out of your knowledge of your niche and the angle you choose to approach it. By applying this you can come up with interesting perceptions that are unique to you and the brand you are building. And, if it’s appropriate, use those observations as a gate way to humour. People are never as engaged as when they are laughing – particularly if it’s at something they can relate to in their every day lives.

Interesting Content is Powerful

Remember – if your content is interesting enough then it becomes more likely that people will share it and, in this digital age where content is king, going viral can be your business’s crowning glory.

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