What is Inbound Marketing?

‘Inbound marketing’ is a buzz word in the business world that you need to know if you don’t already.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In simple terms, the idea is that you make your businesses marketing all about creating content that people want to find. Thus, they come to your business for the content (and then hopefully stay to buy something). This contradicts traditional ‘outbound marketing’, where companies chuck out their message in the form of advertising, in the hope that one person will need what you’re pushing.

To do inbound marketing well, you need to make sure you are creating content that is:

  • interesting,
  • fun and entertaining
  • or educational.

Content Types

Any content that you produce, will need to be ‘highly findable’. By that, I mean it needs to be indexable by Google, easily shared on social media or in the real world, or just readily available to the masses. Content can take many forms:

  • A video or animation
  • A free downloadable eBook
  • Blog articles & stories
  • Free resources, like graphics or web tools
  • Web-based games

To use an Agency or do it In-House?

To do inbound marketing well, you need to be very disciplined and put resources behind it. It’s no good creating one bit of content and hoping it goes viral. You need to provide a constant stream of interesting material that your company becomes known for, and you need to promote that material.

Inbound marketing represents a skilled commitment that your company needs to make. If you give up too soon because you can’t be bothered, expected too much or underestimated the time and energy needed, then all your hard work will be for nothing. With that said however, there is no reason why you can’t do these things in-house – it just takes time!

You should use an agency, if any of the following are true:

  • You, or your team, do not have the time to constantly be thinking about creating new content
  • You are not very good at promoting your content online
  • You don’t use social media for business (and don’t want to!)
  • You, or your team, do not have skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Web Design, Web Application Development, Photography, Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Animation or Marketing in general!  (Yes it’s a big list, but these are the skills needed to make great stuff!)

If your team does have some of these skills, and you have the time and budget to try it in house, it’s definitely worth doing. If you want some free advice on how to get started, get in touch by email or call 01392 474 326.

A small business example of Inbound Marketing done well

We picked the following video, because it is a small business that has made something beautiful and interesting (and I found it through a friend on Facebook!).

Whether you care about traditional printing or not, Perrott Bespoke Printing shows that if you put some time into making a nice piece of content, it will be shared, found and liked by hundreds of people – and you never know where your next customer may come from!


Print from Greg Niemandwww.perrottbespokeprinting.com

SocialWise offers excellent packages for Inbound Marketing and Social Media Management. So get in touch today and find out how we can help your company to be found. Email: [email protected] or call 01392 474 326

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