Which social platforms should you focus on?

Which social platforms should you focus on? This is the question I get asked a lot, but it is the WRONG approach.

As we saw with Twitter (X) recently, when you put all your efforts into a platform that YOU DO NOT OWN, you are at risk of having that rug pulled out from underneath you at any time…

I was at a talk this week with games YouTuber “King Jae”, and he talked about how Twitter/X’s changes to the revenue sharing model suddenly and drastically cut his income from content he posted there.

Focusing on the things you do control, such as your website, is where you should start. Make it a hive of useful resources, fun content, interesting articles, downloads, guides, videos… whatever you can do! Make it a destination that visitors won’t regret going to.

Then, use the social platforms merely as a driver back to your site. Put it at the forefront. No one can ever take your website off of you, so if the social platforms fade away, you’ll have an excellent back up!

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Dan Wiseman

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