What has Only Fools & Horses and Harry Potter got to do with Web Wise Media?

Answer: our latest client has actors starring in both theatre productions!

We’re so pleased to announce the launch of our latest website project for the lovely team at the BWH Agency.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is live on stage now. See https://www.harrypottertheplay.com/uk/ for details

Based in the heart of London, the BWH Agency have been hugely successful since they formed in 2004, with stars in all sorts of big blockbusters, prominent theatre productions and TV.

Over a period of two months, we helped BWH to launch a brand new website, powered by the fantastic open-source WordPress CMS.

From a technical perspective, the interesting aspects for us was how we provided functionality for the BWH team to categorise their client database. We gave them an assortment of “custom fields” to populate and filter by, such as “hair colour”, “eye colour” and “appearance”. These are vital aspects for casting directors looking to fill their next role.

Ryan Hutton in Only Fools and Horses, available at https://onlyfoolsmusical.com/

If you are familiar with our work at Web Wise, then you will know we don’t use templates or “off-the-shelf” themes – so the BWH design is entirely bespoke to suit their brand and their target users.

Joe Hutton, co-director said “The Web Wise team has been so valuable in helping us understand what does and doesn’t work in modern website design. We’re so pleased with our new site.”

Bill Petrie, co-director added “What’s more, we’ve got a great agreement in place with Dan to ensure ongoing development of the site – support & maintenance – to make sure we grow our digital presence with the changing times.”

Please check out their website here. Thanks for reading!

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