The rise of digital nomadism

Digital nomadism

I’ve just booked a month-long trip to Thailand – but it’s not a holiday…

“Yeah right” – I can hear the naysayers and cynics out there doubting that statement but it’s true; I’ve booked a trip to a tropical co-working space and I am planning on using the time to focus-in on some serious coding time, as well as advance some side-projects that have been on hold for a while now.

Modern technology and the growing ubiquity of the Internet means that it is now possible for digital business owners to work and travel without any limitations and the term “digital nomad” is fast becoming popularized.

(And it actually works out cheaper to spend a month working in Thailand than in Exeter!)


What is a digital nomad?

One of my favorite business books is called “The 4 Hour Work Week”. Despite its name, this is actually a book about increasing productivity, not just work-dodging. It’s also largely about achieving personal fulfillment.

Much of the book is about freeing oneself from the shackles of location and moving your work to a remote location of your choice. This is the basis of being a digital nomad.


Preparing to go “digital”

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. If I wasn’t in my office every day, would I still be able to do the majority of my work?
  2. How would my working relationships be damaged by physical absence? Can I get by with virtual meetings using tools like Skype?
  3. Would I get more work done without constant distractions from co-workers and inconsequential time-hogging customers?

As you answer these questions you will begin to see how eligible you might be to take advantage of a work + travel lifestyle.


In December, my particular trip will take me here…

During my trip, I plan on continuing work as normal with much of my communications taking place over email and Skype as normal. Watch this space for updates!

If you’d like to book your project in with me, then please get in touch!



A lot of the people I work with everyday are highly ambitious individuals with great ideas and fantastic businesses. We work with a lot of e-commerce store owners, digital consultants and so on – prime targets for the digital nomad lifestyle. After all, creativity and innovation is born from an adventurous mind.

If you need any convincing of why it’s important to explore new experiences, watch this

Keep on exploring!


Thanks for reading.
– Dan Wiseman

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