Plenty of Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

In a recent article for Entrepreneur magazine, John Rampton outlines 25 reasons why WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) that’s available for business today. We use WordPress as our standard CMS for all the sites we build, so we thought we should outline some of the best benefits that it provides to our customers.

It’s Easy

WordPress is very user friendly. You can edit pages and posts all from one simple dashboard.

Wordpress Screenshot

Gone are the days when you need a computer science degree to update your business’s contact details.

It’s Versatile

A “plugin” is an add-on that adds extra features to your website and WordPress allows anyone with a bit of coding skill to to build one. As a result, there are thousands of plugins available on the web to enhance your WordPress site. We often use the Gravity Form plugin for example on our site to collect information from potential customers (there’s an example of a Gravity Form at the bottom of this post).

There are plugins for almost anything from helping you improve your SEO to connecting your site to social media. The list of plugins keeps growing as new needs arise so you’re always likely to find a solution however new your problem is, and we’re always happy to advise on what plugins your new site needs.

It’s Secure

Many people wrongly think that WordPress is insecure or vulnerable. This is because users have a history of using default admin usernames and passwords and forget to regularly update their site. WordPress is constantly being upgraded by the community and as such, security is always top priority. WordPress is extremely safe when it’s set up correctly and if you work with a developer like us, we make sure you are protected.

It’s Search Engine Friendly

Appearing high up in searches is key to any website. WordPress sites are built in order to be easy for search engines to crawl, increasing the likelihood that you appear high in the rankings.

Google Screen Shot - Webwise

Also, as mentioned earlier, there are lots of great plugins available to help you improve your SEO so your content is optimised for the key words that you really want to rank highly for. WordPress is so good for search engines that even Google’s Matt Cutts has endorsed it (he uses WordPress as the CMS for his personal blog).

You can read John Rampton’s original article here.



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