Nominate Web Wise for a Shopify Commerce Award

The Oscars may only be a couple of months away, but Shopify’s Commerce Awards are the only awards that matter!

They celebrate the very best in web design, development and marketing in the world of commerce, and this year’s exclusive panel of judges will vote on a range of criteria. A Shopify Commerce Award is a fantastic opportunity to position a Shopify partner and developer as a leader in the commerce industry.

If you have worked with us and want to recognise our contribution in enhancing and bolstering your online store, you will also stand the chance of being mentioned in online magazines and high profile blogs if we win!

Some of the categories include:

Best Product Page

The judges will recognise an ‘effective and captivating product page’ that efficiently communicates the value of the product.

Best Collection Page

The judges will be looking for the very best collection pages, in particular those that really succeed in converting casual browsers into paying customers.

Best Mobile Commerce Experience

The judges are looking for a thriving Shopify store that also boasts an exceptional mobile user experience.

Best Storytelling through User Experience

The judges will be on the lookout for ecommerce sites that use every page, feature and function effectively in a bid to create an engaging user experience that conveys the merchant’s story.

Best Abandoned Cart Recovery Experience

The judges are also keen to recognise successful recovery notification or email campaigns that managed to bring back potential customers and convert their interest into sales.

If you would like to nominate us for a Shopify Commerce Award, please click on the button below!

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