Introducing our new team members

The Web Wise Media team is expanding! We have recently hired 3 new coders that we are really excited for you to meet…




When did you start coding? I started coding when I was 7 because my Dad gave me an old 80’s home computer to play with (ZX Spectrum). I used to make lots of games with it and on various other old PC’s from eBay.

Mildly interesting fact: I have a royalty deal on music I wrote.

Favourite website: I really like champion reveal pages for the game League of Legends, the latest one looks like this:

Other exciting hobbies: I surf as much as I can and I write and play music in my spare time.




When did you start coding? I actually started coding when I started uni 4 years ago – but before that my first experience in coding was when I created a HTML birthday card for my friend’s birthday when I was 12

Mildly interesting fact: I played Harry in a Mamma Mia musical once and no one threw tomatoes at me!

Favourite website design: I love parallax scrolling websites. My favourite was Sony’s “be moved” website, but unfortunately they took it down. Now, I’d have to say it is Peugot’s Hybrid4 page that is essentially a graphic novel you scroll through

Other exciting hobbies: Other than coding, I’m mainly interested in photography, gaming and video editing. I’m in the publicity sub-committee of Exeter Student Volunteers, in charge of creating promotional videos.




When did you start coding? I first started coding at school in IT lessons, and it has always fascinated me to be able to create something that was useful. I liked maths at school, and computing always seemed to me to be the most interesting and practical application of maths. I like to be able to write code and see the real results appear on the screen: visible outcome of the work is always very satisfying.

Mildly interesting fact: I moved to Thailand on my own when I was 16

Favourite website design: Not a website per se, but an interesting take on CV as a website –

Other exciting hobbies: I longboard, do photography in my spare time, I also like to travel and read


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