Instagram For Shopify

From this week, Shopify is beginning to roll out the ability to tag products on Instagram that directly link to the online store product page. The update aims to provide a seamless shopping experience from discovering new brands, and products, on social media to checkout.

This will particularly connect trend-seeking customers who explore new products using Instagram. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram cannot be ignored as a crucial platform.

How it will work

Businesses will be able to tag up to 5 products per post and can only do so on organic posts (rather than paid adverts). Currently the feature also does not allow you to tag both people and products. Merchants will be able to get insight on engagement through Instagram: sales will be attributed to Instagram referrals, allowing you to monitor the success of the account. This is a valuable marketing tool.


Although this is currently only available for 30,000 merchants in the United States, it is gradually being rolled out over the coming weeks. Instagram is selecting the initial group of merchants who have access to this feature.

To increase your chances of getting early access, you must:

  • Install the Facebook for Shopify system through the Facebook channel on Shopify
  • Set up an Instagram Business Account
  • Have an eligible physical good to sell, not a digital product or service

Need help?

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