How to use influencers to reach millions

reach millions

An interesting thing happened to me on Twitter this week. For those of you that read my previous update about “smashing it on Twitter” you will know it is currently one of my favourite social platforms. And, if you follow me on Twitter you will see I often post about all sorts of random and unrelated things.

My account is SEMI-professional and separate from the Web Wise account. I consider my Twitter profile to be a true reflection of who I am as a person; partly about work (marketing, web design, business, investing) and partly about my interests (music, sport, games etc). It is AUTHENTIC and that’s the right way to be.

Well this week, one of my random tweets (about music) got re-tweeted by BBC Radio 1 who have well over 2 million followers. Wow! Here are the results…

How to use influencers to reach millions

It reminded me of a well established fact in marketing: use influencers. An influencer – in this context – is a person or brand with serious social media power.

I think the trick is to not pester or try and sell to these people, instead try and engage on a more natural level of conversation, perhaps adding useful info to a point they are making. My Radio 1 tweet was not a good example of how to promote your brand because it had nothing to do with my business – although I did see a big boost in profile views.

It’s got me thinking: how can I get serious business leaders to respond or share my stuff…

I challenge you to think about this too. Let me know who you get!

Dan Wiseman
Web Wise Media

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