How to take a screenshot on Windows

Sharing screenshots with your team is an essential skill that all website owners need.
When our customers ask us to make a change to something on their website, a screenshot speeds the process up tons!
And if there is a bug or if you are struggling to use a tool, sharing a screenshot with us let’s us see what’s going wrong and why your screen might be different to what we can see.

But how do you take screenshots and annotate them super quickly?

Introducing: snipping tool.

It’s free, and built right into windows.

Add Snipping Tool to your taskbar

  1. Press Start
  2. Type “Snipper Tool”
  3. Click “Pin to taskbar”

How to save a screenshot on windows

  1. Open the snipping tool
  2. Click “New” in the top right of the tool
  3. Click and drag the area you want to screenshot
  4. You can then click “File > Save As” to save the screenshot OR you can simply “Copy” (CTRL+C) the screenshot and paste it into an email, chat, word doc – whatever you want! Easy.

Annotate your screenshot

You can use the “pen” in the Snipping Tool to annotate your screenshot. Easy and helpful


So next time you want to share a screenshot on windows, use the snipping tool. It’s great.

Further Reading…

There are of course plenty of other ways to take a screenshot:

  • Look for the “PRINT SCREEN” button on your keyboard. It copies a shot of your screen which you can then ‘paste’ into an email or word doc (for example)
  • On Iphone, you can press the ‘side button’ and the ‘volume up’ button at the same time to take a screenshot, saving it to the camera roll

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