Google AdWords and Google Shopping for Press

The great thing about AdWords and Google shopping is that these can be set up and providing a return INSTANTLY, whereas organic SEO requires more patience.

Google Shopping

I suggest we run a Google Shopping campaign for the individual products on the site. Google shopping, in general, produces less clicks than regular AdWords but provides a higher conversion rate. It is also a cheaper cost per click. The average cost per click for Google Shopping is in the region of £0.25 per click.

Google AdWords

For the broader search terms, e.g. “cleansing juices” We should run a regular Adwords campaign. The average cost per click for these search terms is £0.88 per click. Pay Per Click campaigns are an effective method of achieving instant exposure overnight.

Our Service

We will set up, manage and report regularly on your campaign.

Our management fee for PPC is £100 + VAT per month. You set up the click budget yourself but we suggest you look at around £300 per month.

For the first £150 you spend on AdWords, we will match this figure so you will receive £300 of clicks.

January is a peak month for the keywords we would focus on. In January 2014 there was 34120 searches compared to a monthly average of 25910. We really recommend getting this campaign set up urgently to grab this extra traffic.