Getting started with WordPress

WordPress allows you to edit many aspects of your website, using a friendly web-based dashboard. This page explains some of the key things you will need to know.


How to login to your WordPress site

You can log in to your website at where “” is the domain name for your site. Your username and password will be given to you by a member of the Web Wise team.


An overview of the WordPress dashboard


How to add and edit the pages on your site

Once you have logged in to WordPress, you will see a menu of the left side of the screen. Lots of useful options can be found here.

Click here to find out how to add a page to your website

Find out more about the “Pages” screen


How to edit the menus on your website

Once we have handed over your website to you, you may want to change the options on the menus on your site. For example, perhaps you want to give prominence to a special offer page you have created, or try moving options around to see how it effects website enquiries. With WordPress it is easy to edit menus:

Click here to find out how to edit the menus on your site


Very important: WordPress security

WordPress is such a popular platform and so it is occasionally a target for hackers. You should follow the best-practices below, and pass these on to anyone who helps manage your site:

  • Please delete all unnecessary users from your WordPress admin and change all passwords regularly. You can do this in the “Users” menu of your WordPress dashboard. This will help keep your admin panel secure.
  • Do not download plugins that you can’t trust. This is often the top way that sites get infected. If in doubt, please consult us.
  • Please delete all unwanted or deactivated plugins.
  • You need to make sure you regularly update your WordPress system and all of your plugins. This is hugely important!

We recommend all of our customers use our support & maintenance plan (from £20 per month) to allow us to do these updates and ensure the website is kept secure. If you do decide you want to manage the website yourself, please have a read of this useful information (click here).


A note about ongoing support

Once we have handed over a new website to our customers, we’re sorry to say that we are unable to offer ongoing support for free. We recommend a support plan with Web Wise. You’ll be part of an exclusive membership that gets access to our team, as well as regular tips and advice. It gives us the chance to answer any questions you have and help with any small tweaks from here on.

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