Facebook adds 5 new reactions

Facebook adds 5 new reactions

Yesterday as many will have noticed, Facebook entered a new era. Users are now given the chance to react to posts with love, sad, haha, wow and angry buttons as well as the ubiquitous ‘like’. How could this affect the world of social media marketing, if at all?

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It’s clear that interactions with consumers will now become far more emotional. Whereas before someone would have to leave a comment in order to express disapproval, which could be deleted by the company, they can now react with the click of an angry button, in solidarity with hundreds of other people. This movement away from the previous monopoly of the ‘Like’ button towards a more freewheeling environment might leave some digital marketers nervous about the confusion of this multidimensional response.

However this could well turn out to be a positive for two reasons. Firstly, the new reactions could counter the like-culture of consumers mindlessly clicking the Like button on a post as they scroll down their newsfeed. Instead, now they might actually now pause to think how this content makes them feel: a more high fidelity feedback of customer satisfaction. Brands will now be able to distinguish between those willing to hit the like, and the love button, with the latter likely being more responsive to targeted messages. This leads onto the second potential benefit, which is for data driven marketing – companies will now have even more granular data to cull from the world’s largest social network, in an invaluable insight onto customer satisfaction.

It is likely that we shall see alterations to the Reactions feature over the coming months as Zuckerberg’s team fine tune, but if it turns out to be here to stay, it could well turn out to be an extremely helpful tool for social media marketing.

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