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Shopify have added a new feature. It is now super easy for store owners to activate an SSL certificate from within your Shopify dashbaord. What is an SSL certificate? Simply put, it allows your website to appear with the more secure HTTPS prefix, rather than just HTTP.

How could this change impact your company website?


Google has already announced that it favours more secure websites in its search results, meaning that sites with HTTPS encryption will start to have priority over their HTTP counterparts. Making the move to HTTPS is incredibly sensible in terms of search engine optimisation: a key part of digital marketing in an ever expanding online market.


On a basic level, the HTTPS prefix is far safer than the HTTP in terms of encryption. HTTPS doesn’t just protect user data, it also ensures that the user is really connecting to the right site and not an imposter one. This is important because setting up a fake version of a website users normally trust is a favourite tactic of hackers. HTTPS also ensures that a malicious third party can’t hijack the connection and insert malware or censor information.

Shopify’s checkout was always secure under the HTTPS , but this new change allows the entire site to be locked up on this encryption.

Customer Trust

The extra security that HTTPS brings to an online store will be a reassuring presence for more tech-savvy customers, especially as they will be providing their bank details on Shopify if they wish to make a purchase. Moreover, the recent news that Google Chrome will soon mark all HTTP sites with a red cross in the URL bar signalling ‘insecure’ should set alarm bells ringing for all companies who haven’t made the move to HTTPS.

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