An essential Shopify app: Cross-sell


We’ve built countless Shopify website designs over the past few years and we have yet to find a single instance where “upselling” or “cross-selling” isn’t appropriate.

What is this? Well, when you visit your shopping cart or a product page, you’ll often see “related products” or “complete the look” or “have you tried…”. These are great ways to convince your shoppers to purchase extra products and boost the value of your sale.

“Way back in 2006, Amazon reported that 35% of it’s revenues were as a direct result of it’s cross sales and upselling efforts.”


Because of this, we’ve worked hard to find a plugin that fits Shopify and helps our clients to sell more. We’ve partnered with the makers of a Shopify Cross-Sell app to deliver this excellent service to our customers.

What’s more, as a bonus – if you use our referral link you will get an extended free trial too!

Click here to view the app

Of course, if you need any help with installation – then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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