Digital Marketing Myths in 2019

There’s been so many trends in marketing in recent years that it’s really hard to keep up with the best techniques. We get asked the same questions a lot, so here we’ll walk you through the top three common myths people have about digital marketing.

Myth #1 – Large website traffic is essential

Stressed about the low number of visitors? Don’t be. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but try to focus on quality of the traffic, over quantity.

If your site is about flowers and your visitors are all coming to look at, say, video games, then you won’t get far. You’ll have a very low conversion rate. A few customers who are indeed interested in your product will be worth more than driving as many people to your website as possible.

Google Analytics
Use analytics tools to find out where your visitors are coming from

If your bounce rates are high, check where these visitors are coming from. Are those websites relevant to your business? Are you using keywords that are too generic? Highly niche terms targeted at super specific audiences is best.

Myth #2 – A basic website is enough

Having a static website and sending out some emails could have been enough 10 years ago. Keeping your audience up-to-date with your services, latest products and opening times is a must in 2019. Inviting them into your brand culture and company lifestyle is even better. Engaging with your audience and providing the right content will differentiate you from your competitors.

Blog posts are one way to help your potential customers find your website
and showcase your expertise in the industry. SEO friendly articles will increase the number of potential customers on your site and decrease the bounce rate. Visitors who are interested in the topic are likely to wander around. And we know the more they stay, the more chance you have to turn their interest into a purchase.

Another way to make sure your website is smashing it is to use social media as a tool to keep it fresh. Link your site to Instagram and post daily to keep the news and images flowing onto your home page.

On the subject of social media, posting regular is a free and easy way to get traffic and promote your website. The quality of the content will highly determine the success of your social media campaign. Make sure you provide unique posts that are relevant to your business and the industry.

Share your company successes with your customers

Myth #3 – The more followers, the better

Until fake accounts spread on Instagram and Twitter, the number of followers was a good indicator of the performance of an account. Instagram started taking official steps to reduce inauthentic activities, such as bought followers and likes last November. However, the methods for artificially boosting account activity have become more sophisticated, automated amplification services are more difficult to filter out.

Therefore, engagement rate is a better tool to assess the potential of an Instagram account. Followers who are interested in your topics are more likely to express their feelings about a post with a like or even share their opinion in the comments section. If you believe you’re doing everything right, but you are unhappy with the statistics, you might have been shadow banned on Instagram. Read our blog post for the best tips on how to avoid it.

Unique, authentic and high-quality content, is the best way to maximise the potential in your online presence! ?

If you need any help with your digital marketing, including blog writing and social media content creation, please just get in touch.

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