Web Wise at the Devon Business Expo

Hello, I am Luke, and I am webwise’s resident writing and administration chap. Last Thursday, webwise journeyed to the Matford Centre in Exeter to exhibit at the Devon Business Expo. The Matford Centre itself is faintly ominous, occupying 2,300 square metres of exhibition space, and flanked by gigantic cow sheds. As we stepped from the car park into the former agricultural centre – we were promised the opportunity to network with local business owners – but we had the vague notion that we might have trotted unsuspectingly into an abattoir!

As it happens, those fears were unfounded. The only taste of agriculture was the egg yolk I dropped down my shirt in the restaurant (oops!) and the Business Expo itself turned out to be a highly useful and surprisingly fun day out.

Webwise at the Devon Business Expo

The expo offered Devon businesses a chance to showcase their products and services, spend time generating leads with other exhibitors and potential customers, and generally raise the profile of their company. This was webwise’s first real taste of exhibiting in this manner, and Dan in particular was keen to explore the merits.

After setting up the webwise stall (which entailed the tricky business of attaching a plasma screen onto its stand), the day got off to a slow start, but before long we were talking to both exhibitors and visitors at regular intervals, and business cards were stacking up nicely. As a free event to visitors, it was great to promote the business to all manner of businesses and individuals, whilst also offering and receiving support on a variety of topics.

As well as exhibiting the website management and social media aspects of webwise, the expo provided the perfect opportunity to promote the business’s new product, Screenfish.  It’s a new digital signage solution that provides organisations with a simple and easy way to display and edit content on TV screens and monitors. Screenfish attracted a great deal of interest, and this certainly made up for the hassle of assembling the plasma!

On the whole, the Devon Business Expo was a great opportunity to profitably engage and liaise with an array of Devon businesses, and exhibiting is certainly a route that webwise media will take again in the near future.

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Dan Wiseman

Founder & director of Web Wise. He writes about web design, marketing, entrepreneurship, investing and games. Dan regularly speaks on these subjects and is available for coaching and consultancy.

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