Built for Mobile

Did you know that for the first time last year, more than half of all sales on our e-commerce platform came from mobile devices? (You can read more about that here)

Responsive Website Designs

And it’s not just e-commerce sites that get mobile traffic: one of our WordPress customers saw an average of 65% of all visitors viewing his site from phones alone, not including tablets!

You can’t ignore mobile any longer. That’s why EVERY website we build is “responsive”.

I want a mobile friendly website


What does ‘responsive’ mean?

Simply put, with a responsive design you do not need a separate mobile site. Your pages will automatically adapt, resizing themselves and their content to suit your customers screen size.


We make sure:

  • A visitor using a mobile phone should never have to zoom in or out to read text on your site: it will be clearly optimised for mobile reading
  • No left or right scrolling. Mobile visitors are familiar with scrolling vertically through pages – having to scroll right to see the whole page is inefficient and annoying.
  • And of course, we keep an eye on page load times to ensure your site loads as fast as possible on the go!


How do we do it?

We achieve all this by coding your website using a powerful and respected responsive framework called “Bootstrap” made by the guys at Twitter.


No extra cost!

It takes a bit more work, but we think it’s very important. What’s more, you don’t need to pay a penny extra: the responsive nature of your new website is included in your package price.


Here’s Why You Need to Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly by April 21

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What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the mobile web TODAY.