How Important Is a Responsive Layout for your Shopify Store?

The importance of making your shopify site responsive

Responsive website design simply means that your site adapts to suit the screen size of the viewers device. You only need a single URL and no longer need a separate mobile website. Becoming the must-have for all online platforms, here are the three chief benefits of responsive websites.  

1) Increased sales and conversion rate

  • By having a website that is adaptable to a wide range of devices, you simultaneously increase your client base and your accessibility. Being readily available anywhere and to anyone hugely increases your versatility and relevance. More customers, platforms and places where and by whom sales can be made- what more could you ask for?
  • With automatically adjusted display sizes, adaptable navigation and resized images just some of the many ways your website can automatically change format, your site will be limitlessly user friendlyThis will only serve to fuel your conversion rate, as customers will be greeted with a welcoming, foolproof format that maintains the look and feel of your desktop website.

2) Time saving and cost-effective

In the past, business owners would have to invest time and money into creating different content and layouts for different devices, ending up with different URLs for mobile friendly sites and the like. With responsive websites, this burden becomes non-existent, with only one URL that automatically adjusts to different tablets and smartphones. Naturally this minimises cost in maintenance and development and minimises the budgets needed for SEO optimisation. 

3) Optimises SEO

A pivotal benefit of having one single URL means that you only have the one to optimise. There’s no starting from scratch in terms of Google rankings which would happen when creating a separate mobile site, and as afore-mentioned, budgets don’t need to be allocated for multiple strategies of optimisation for each varying website. All your efforts and energy can be turned to maximising the visibility of your sole URL and its single set of hypertext links; one strategy, one budget, one website equals great Google rankings.

It is essential that online retailers and business owners do not underestimate the inexhaustible benefits of responsive web design, aiding everything from sales and budgeting to marketing and SEO. Make one small step with your web design, and see a giant leap in your prospects.

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Dan Wiseman

Founder & director of Web Wise. He writes about web design, marketing, entrepreneurship, investing and games. Dan regularly speaks on these subjects and is available for coaching and consultancy.

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