Benefits Of Using A Facebook Group For Your Business

Facebook groups are definitely an underrated way to grow your business. This post explores the successes we’ve seen by our clients and how you can use groups to grow.

A Success Story…

Sam Blythe and his “Indoor Rowing” team at Fitness Matters use Facebook groups very effectively. Access to his group is exclusive; membership is only available to subscribers of his “Online Rowing Plan”.

We’ve been working with Sam for many years now and we’ve seen his audience grow through these groups, along with his paying subscribers. He shares daily workouts, tips and events and he encourages rowers to share pictures of their results. There is a lot of member-to-member chat going on, which is so good to see! Fitness Matters is a great example of how best to use Facebook groups.

Creating a community

Like the rowing group above, one of the main benefits of using a Facebook Group for your business is that it creates a sense of community. You have created a space for like minded individuals to discuss topics, share their opinions through polls and gain the opinion of many other individuals in the same industry as them.

All this activity will be happening under your branded group. Great exposure!

Increasing engagement

Thus, by creating a sense of community, you are, in turn, allowing your engagement to grow. People will keep coming back to your Facebook group when they believe it can add value to them and their own businesses. Therefore, you can get your own website and products seen by a vast range of people just by sharing it in your group.

Using live Q&A’s

If you’re struggling to get people engaged at first, a live Q&A could help. Ask your group members to send in questions that you can discuss and make the whole experience a lot more personalised. At the end of the day, anyone can create a Facebook group but keeping members requires you ensuring that they are interested.

Creating a sense of exclusiveness

Let’s be honest, we all like feeling as though we are part of something, right? Your members are more likely to get involved with the group if they feel as though the access isn’t just for anyone.

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