Why you shouldn’t do Shopify alone

Shopify is the best ecommerce platform in the world. You get enterprise level tools for a tiny price. When used properly, it is a powerful revenue generator and marketing tool for your business. It is SO easy to use. But its biggest strength is also a big problem….

❌ The problem:

Most small business owners think they can do it all alone, they don’t make the right decisions and then wonder why – not long after launching – they aren’t making any money.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I get contacted each week by ‘wantrepreneurs’ who have installed a basic Shopify template, done a little bit of tweaking, and now wonder why they don’t get any sales! They were expecting to turn the thing on, and see £££ appear in their bank accounts.

I also see a lot of businesses using the same old templates or building upon themes they have no idea how to use or maintain long term, leading to costly renovations just a year or two later.

(Or worse, the website never gets updated and becomes a static useless drain on resources)

✅ The solution:

I believe in partnerships with my clients. A good web company should be like a mentor, helping you to focus on the things that actually matter in 2024 ecommerce. It isn’t just about designing and building a Shopify store, it’s all the other entrepreneurship tips & tricks that come with running an online venture. I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and I’ve found these are the top 5 areas that matter:

1. ???? Your brand: does your unique brand personality come through on your Shopify website? A bespoke Shopify design can solve this. Ditch the templates.

2. ♻ You should be taught exactly what to change on your Shopify website on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis – to keep it looking fresh and exciting.

It should be a dynamic changeable place that always has something new for your customers to discover.

Templates can make it hard to adjust things – another reason that bespoke Shopify is better.

3. ???? Listen to your expert… Many times I hear of clients who have ignored the advice of their expert, in favour of their own personal web design taste.

There is ALWAYS a reason we suggest a design element on a website build, it usually has nothing to do with taste and everything to do with data, research and what is proven to work effectively.

(Just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean that it is effective!)

4. ✉ Are you using Shopify’s marketing tools correctly, such as their fantastic email newsletter service? Every email our clients send generates £1000’s in revenue.

5. ???? For new businesses, do you know how you will do fulfilment (ship, deliver) orders? Or other mundane areas of your digital business? I go deep into the clients business plan to make sure they have digital entrepreneurship mapped out.

And in summary…

These are the reasons why I believe you should see your web design company as a partner or better yet; a mentor.

Personally, I aim to be someone that my clients can contact to ask a business question, or get some advice. Regularly and always. A digital coach as much as a web design and builder.

Because it isn’t as simple as having the right technology (Shopify) in place, you still have to do all the other business stuff correctly and with vigour to be a success.

If you get it right though, the sky’s the limit ❤️

About the author

Dan Wiseman

Founder & director of Web Wise. He writes about web design, marketing, entrepreneurship, investing and games. Dan regularly speaks on these subjects and is available for coaching and consultancy.

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