UpCircle, the nature-friendly skincare company

After a bad experience with another web developer, UpCircle came to us looking for help moving their site to Shopify. "Web Wise were able to come in and not only fix all the damage that had been done, but also seamlessly and efficiently transfer the site to the Shopify platform." William Brightman, Founder & CEO

Getting the job done

William said our "fees were extremely fair, timelines clearly communicated and accurate, and the work done to a very high standard." Beyond that, "they were willing to undertake amends to the site in order to improve the site’s efficiency and performance. Communication throughout was easy and efficient and the overall experience was extremely positive."

A platform for growth

"Shopify is a very good platform for businesses who are looking to grow their ecommerce sales. It is affordable, has a good ecosystem of apps, and performs efficiently even under high load / traffic. The platform has good technical support and is easy to use for those who might not have a technical background." - William Brightman, Founder & CEO

Unlimited options

"Not only is Shopify designed for ecommerce, but the wider ecosystem of applications makes it an unbeatable offering. There are a wide range of tools available to help boost sales, increase your web presence and build your brand online. We are very happy with it so far and intend to continue to use it for the foreseeable future!" - William Brightman, Founder & CEO

Onwards and Upwards

With an appearance on Dragon's Den in August 2018, the new Shopify site was ready to handle a surge in traffic. William said, "Ultimately, Web Wise has helped UpCircle to build its online web audience and presence, increase e-commerce sales and provide helpful and timely advice regarding the development of the website."