The digital marketing trends of 2019

Are you hoping to make 2019 a year of innovation and creative marketing for your business? In this article, we share a few of the key trends we’re predicting will help you to be consistent whilst standing-out from the crowd this year.

Marketing Trends of 2019

Mobile Optimisation

There are certain things we should not even be talking about by now, but some companies still haven’t grasped the importance of mobile-optimised websites. It was in 2014 when we first saw mobile beating desktop, and in 2016 mobile became the no.1 platform for web browsing globally.

Mobile optimisation is not only key in providing a visually pleasing experience to the visitor, but it also helps the site load quickly, so you don’t lose inpatient customers. Doing this could increase your Ad Rank on Google Ads too!

Video Marketing

You are consistently sharing photos on Instagram and write long blog posts about your products but you don’t see satisfying results? Why not try video marketing? You don’t need a full set of professional cameras and lights to start, just grab your smartphone and press the record button.

Your content will depend on your service/product, but you will surely have something that’s worth sharing. If you are a countryside hotel, you can take panorama videos of the view from your entrance and provide your visitors with a digital tour around the venue. As a shoe manufacturer, you can give some insights to how your products are made and how they can be styled.

Be creative, try different video types and engage your audience, you’ll soon see what content they prefer the most. Remember, it doesn’t have to be “studio quality” or highly produced: just honest humans sharing their stuff!


In today’s world, where we want to know/buy/see everything immediately, smartphones are our best friends, the quickest way to get reliable information. Customers don’t want to spend long minutes booking a ticket or finding a restaurant, so the more you can speed up the process, the more likely visitors will choose your service/product over others’.

Add your organisation to Google My Business, so you show up on the Maps when users are searching for a certain category and they can easily call you or check the opening hours. Make sure your website can be navigated easily and the checkout process does not involve too many steps. Optimise your website so it loads quickly, shows up well on mobile devices and is SEO friendly to increase your conversion rate.


If customers can’t immediately find what they are looking for, they will ask you directly. But they don’t want to wait hours or even days for a simple reply. A chatbot can help improving customer experience but it also saves you time by automating basic processes such as answering questions about opening times and making reservations.

More on what chatbots can be used for and how you can introduce them to your marketing channels here.


In the past two years brands started to realise the power of influencers, the relatively effortless way to promote products and reach (hundred) thousands of potential customers. YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat all provide a different experience for the user, it is not easy to choose between the platforms and influencers, but the nature of your product and your target audience should help you find the best option(s).

We will soon publish a more detailed guide to influencer marketing, stay tuned!

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