ShopifyFD is broken. What now?

If you use metafields on Shopify, you may have noticed that the ShopifyFD app is broken.

This is due to some changes made to the core admin panel on Shopify, and the developers of the ShopifyFD app are playing catch-up to get their code working again. Apparently a new version of their app is being worked on, but it may take some time.

We have two workarounds for you to use in the meantime…

Alternative 1: A different metafields app

ShopifyFD is broken, so we’ve been recommending using a different metafields app. One that our customers have had some success with is:

Metafields Editor App

Once installed you should be able to edit product metafields through the app.

Alternative 2: Shopify Bulk Editor

This method is slightly more complex but will fix the broken ShopifyFD without the need for a new app.

Did you know that you can actually edit metafields right from within the Shopify admin, as long as you know the following tricks?Go to your products page in your Dashboard

1. Go to your products page in your Dashboard

2. Tick the products you would like to edit

3. Click Edit products

4. The clever bit! Once the page loads, you will be in bulk editing mode. However, by default the metafields will not show.

To show them, click in your URL bar of your browser and remove everything after the .com or part of your website address. Then paste the following, replacing the parts in red with your unique metafield names:


Replace the red parts above with your unique metafield names.

Once you enter the URL the page should load the metafields for you and you can begin editing. The code above only allows you to edit two metafields at a time but with a bit of coding help you should be able to expose all your metafields in view to be edited.

With ShopifyFD being broken, method 2 is far from ideal. Its a bit clunky so try method 1 for the time being.

If you need any help, contact us.

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