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We’ve been making websites for a long time now, and we think we know a thing or two about what makes a page successful.

Every site we build includes a number of key features that allow you to grow and be successful online after launch.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Being on page one of Google for a specific search result can make or break your online strategy.

When we build your website, we include a number of features that allow you to manage the optimisation of each and every page of your website:

  • We’ll install a powerful SEO Plugin, which allows you to optimise each and every page on your website
  • We’ll show you where to edit elements like “meta description”. No coding skill required!


Data is Everything

We strongly believe that no website can be truly effective unless you constantly monitor data gathered and react accordingly. That’s why we install, as standard, Google Analytics and provide you access.


Optimised for Social

When someone shares an article or page on your website, you want it to appear as best as possible on social media so you have the greatest chance of spreading across the web.

As standard, we ensure:

  • We tag each and every page of your site with hidden data, to ensure Facebook knows exactly what your content is all about
  • We include some key coding, to ensure when a page is shared on Facebook, you get the “Large Image Preview” instead of a small thumbnail. We are almost unique in offering this as standard!

Large Image Preview on Facebook Posts


Professional SEO Plans

There is a huge amount that goes into search engine optimisation and most business owners will not have the time to do this themselves. That’s why we offer additional monthly plans to help you get that boost in rankings your new website deserves. Visit our SEO pages for more info.


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