Making Social Media Scheduling Tools Work For You

From Buffer to Hootsuite, Tweetdeck to Falcon, there are a variety of social media scheduling tools available to help you with your business. It’s a known fact that consistency on social media is integral to success for your brand and so, social media scheduling tools can help you to achieve just that…

Ability to manage multiple accounts at once

If you’re running multiple social media accounts, it can sometimes become quite difficult to ensure that you are posting quality content on all of them. Thus, scheduling this content in advance is key to making sure that you are not leaving any of your social media accounts out.

Source: Hootsuite

Spending more time creating better content

We’ve all felt that pressure of quickly snapping a photo and writing a quick caption as you haven’t posted in a while and we post it, even though we know it’s not our best content. By using social media scheduling tools, you are ensuring that you are giving yourself enough time to properly think about your content and making sure it fits in with your brand.

Furthermore, many tools now will actually “suggest” content based on your interactions!

Source: Buffer

BUT, don’t post like you’re online if you’re not

As you can see, I’m quite a fan of social media scheduling as I really do think it can be beneficial for your business. However, it is so important to remember that social media is for conversation and engaging with your audience, not just blindly broadcasting your latest work and news! We never encourage a company to be inauthentic with its social media as it can definitely do more harm than good.

So, by all means, use social media scheduling tools to share new content but also, make sure you find the time to engage with your audience so your platforms aren’t just full of you shouting into the internet space without any real interaction.

Do you use social media tools?

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