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My name is Lauryn and I am a second-year Psychology Undergraduate at the University of Exeter. Alongside my degree, I run my own blog, which I have been running for nearly 3 years now, but more on that later…

Venturing into Digital Marketing

In the past 18 months or so, I have ventured into the world of digital marketing at full force and I’m absolutely loving it. From social media management to SEO, my skills are expanding constantly, which is why I am so glad to be joining Web Wise Media to continue learning new things and gaining lots of new experience.

I’m not someone that has the ability to go about things in a chill and low-key way. For example, in a business and work kind of way… My fiance and I booked a last minute trip to Amsterdam at the end of Summer before University started again. We booked it to have some relaxation time before the stress of our degrees takes over once again. I do not know how to relax! As soon as we booked the trip, I was in contact with businesses over in Amsterdam enquiring about working with them on content. This gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Amsterdam Lookout Tower. I think this was when I realised that content creation and digital marketing is something I want to continue to pursue in the future.

Thinking Ahead

Another thing that becomes obvious to people as soon as they get to know me is that I’m always planning ahead and I’m very organised. There’s no such thing as planning too much! So… where do I see myself in 5 years time?! By this point, I will be in my mid-20’s and will be a couple of years out of finishing my undergraduate degree. I plan on continuing to live in Exeter as I just love the city. I hope that I’ve managed to persuade my fiance to have at least two dogs by this point.

For work, I really hope that I’ll be working in some sort of digital marketing career, while still working on my blog and maybe I’ll even have started that YouTube channel up that I’ve been planning on doing for years. Who knows?

The Power of Social

I love social media. I know that some people will roll their eyes, shake their head and wonder what the world has come to if they hear an individual say that in the street, but it’s true. I love to be able to create content that I can share with thousands of people all around the world. My absolute favourite thing about social media is when someone comments on one of my blog posts or replies to a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post and starts up a conversation about the topic.

I love hearing other peoples opinions and really getting to know why people think the way they do. That might be the Psychology student in me but it makes my day when I can have conversations with people online about things that I am passionate about. This resulted in me creating a Facebook group for bloggers in the Exeter and Devon area. It is still in its early days, but I’m hoping for it to become a hub where I can plan events for the blogging community.

My Favourite Social Channels

It’s hard to choose. It’s definitely between Instagram and Twitter, let me tell you my reasons why… I love how visual Instagram is and making my grid really aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoy sharing my day to day life on my Instagram stories and sharing my new content with my followers and I find that it’s probably the app I spend the most time scrolling through as it gives me so much inspiration and I really admire some of the beautifully curated content that I see on my feed.

Then, there’s Twitter. I find that a lot of my discussions happen on Twitter, it’s great for gaining other people’s opinions and I definitely do not think there is such a thing as ‘too many tweets in a day’.

I’m someone who is constantly on the go, is probably crying from happiness when I see a cute dog in the street and has way too many new ideas – ha. I look forward to working with you at Web Wise Media!

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