Improving your branding on Instagram

Instagram is becoming the best place to share your brand, with the percentage of Instagram users who regularly engage with brands being more than double than that of Facebook. However, despite this, people do not realise the importance of branding on Instagram for account growth and increased engagement. So, let’s talk about some ways that you can improve your brand presence on Instagram…

Consistent visuals

This is probably the most obvious one but still, one that people often do not implement. Your images should lead to people being able to identify your business, without having to even see your logo. This can be accomplished by using the same filter on all of your images, the same fonts and the same colour palette. Adding your brand logo into your images is a quick way of ensuring consistency – this is something that we often use over on our Instagram. People like consistency. So, knowing what to expect from your business is one sure way of increasing engagement.

Use the Stories feature

We’ve spoke about the importance of consistent visuals but, you’re thinking that you want to add a personal touch to your business branding? Make use of the stories feature! Everyone was a bit hesitant of this feature when Instagram first rolled it out but now, so many people are using it and loving it. Whether you’re sharing your behind the scenes of your business or just having a chat with your followers, this is a great way to show the person behind your business and really allowing people to get to know what you’re about.

Utilise the website link in your bio

As a result of the recent algorithms, Instagram have made it pretty difficult to grow your following successfully. If you do not have above 10,000 followers, you will not be able to use the swipe up feature in Instagram stories. Therefore, make use of the website link option in your accounts bio so that you can share your website, blog posts etc. If you have an Instagram Business account, the amount of website clicks are measured and so, you can use this to create an appropriate strategy for increasing the amount of website clicks, which of course is going to benefit your business in the long run.

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Choose a time to upload Instagram posts, and stick to it

Think about your targeted demographic and when they are most likely going to be scrolling through Instagram and then, consider the idea that if you upload the post in typical ‘peak liking’ time, your post is likely to get lost in the influx of other posts being published. From this, test out when your images have the most engagement depending on the time of day and use this as when to upload your Instagram posts. Then, stick to it. Like I’ve mentioned before, consistency is key and so, if people know when your posts are going to be up and this is the same every day, week, or however often you upload, they are going to be more likely to engage with your content.

Do you use Instagram? What are your top tips for successfully presenting your brand online?

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