6 Tips To Stop Online Shoppers Abandoning Their Baskets

Research shows that around 68% of online shopping carts are never purchased. So what can you do to boost your site’s conversion rate? Well in a great infographic Stefan Schumacher looks at reasons why those baskets get ditched and so here summarise the best ways to make sure your shoppers check-out:

Don’t Make Them Register

Research has found that when forced to register 75% of shoppers leave their carts if there’s not a ‘check-out as guest’ option. One site reported that when they stopped making people register their sales increased by a massive 45%

Show Images of Items

By displaying pictures of your wares you can boost your sales by 10% – people like to know how their purchases will look

Make Basket Editing Easy

It should go without saying, but online shopping needs to be easy. If amending you cart becomes difficult to do, then your potential customer is just going to look elsewhere.

Keep Your Layout Simple

Again, shoppers won’t stick around if they’re confused. Make sure your check-out button is clear and in a prominent location. Also, all forms on your site need to be clear and easy to fill in. As soon as a customer has any doubts about what to do next, they’ll abandon their cart.

Security is a Priority

17% of shoppers said they left because they didn’t trust the store. We live in an age where online fraud is spiralling and we all fear having our details stolen. Make sure that your site has a secure check-out and display those security logos. Also display things like privacy policies, customer testimonials, links to social networks and an informative about page. These will all increase the trustworthiness of your site.

No Hidden Charges

The number one cause of cart abandonment is hidden charges. Be as up-front as you can about any charges that get added on. No one likes to see the cost of their basket double when they click ‘check out’. If at all possible offer free delivery: a 2013 survey by Deloitte found that 66% of shoppers were more likely to buy if they received free shipping.

We can work with you to build an eCommerce website that will give you the best chance of converting potential customers into completed purchases, so get in contact with us if you want to start selling online.

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We got these useful stats from this awesome infographic by Stefan Schumacher. Visit his site here: http://blog.surepayroll.com/why-online-shoppers-leave-without-paying/

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