Reaching optimal productivity while working from home

Working from home has become a new norm in the UK in recent years, with TUC estimating that the amount of people working remotely has now increased to around 1.5 million people.

So, how are all of these people finding the motivation to be productive? Today, I’m sharing some ways that you can reach optimal productivity when you’re tempted by that new Netflix series or taking your 2905th trip to the fridge…

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Structure your day like you would in the office

This one is probably one of the most important for me. I think it’s so important to create a clear plan of what you are doing in the day; from the tasks on your to do list to when you will be taking your lunch break. It’s unlikely that you would take a 3 hour break to catch up on a tv show when you’re working in the office so, why do it at home?

Plan what you’re doing ahead of time

Like I said in the last point, having a clear plan of what you are doing is so important for maintaining optimal productivity. I find that it helps to create a list of what I want to do that day the day before. Therefore, when I start work, I can start straight away rather than spending time planning. However, some people may prefer to plan on the day and so, it’s just all about dedicating a time to plan what you’re doing which works best for you.

Choose a dedicated work space

About 5 years ago, I read something that said you won’t work in a productive fashion when you’re sitting on your bed because your mind associates your bed with sleeping, not working. This is so true and the reason why I never work on my bed. Dedicating an area to work is so helpful as once you’re sat there, it’s easier to get in the zone to work. I find that it helps to clear said area of any potential distractions (for me, it might be new beauty products I need to test) and maybe even have some motivational little quotes around. However, your work space could be anywhere you want as long as you are getting the work done.

But, don’t feel like you have to stay at home to be productive

Sure, this might sound like a total contradiction to my last point but it makes sense when you think about it. Sitting in the same place in your house can sometimes get a little bit dull, but you don’t want to sit elsewhere in fear that you’ll get distracted. So, take a little trip to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery and get some work done. I always find that doing this helps me when I’m experiencing that after lunch slump.

Limit your social media usage

If, like us, part of your job involves you using social media then this can be a little bit challenging but there are ways around avoiding turning your 5 minute break into a one hour pointless scroll through Instagram! Turn notifications off for any personal accounts you have, log out of social media on your computer and use a social media scheduling tool for your business so you’re not inclined to spend every hour of the day refreshing your Twitter feed.


Working from home obviously means that you’re going to be interacting with people face to face less than you would be if you worked in an office. However, we all know that it’s not good to spend all of your time staring at your computer screen. Attending networking events is a great way to build connections with other people in your field, get up to date with recent trends in the industry and to gain inspiration for new projects within your business.

How do you stay productive when working from home?

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