Duo Boots

Duo Boots, formerly Ted & Muffy are a global fashion retailer based in Somerset, South West England. They believe in "great design, distinctive styling, beautiful fit and quality craftsmanship". In Duo Boots 40 years of trading, a lot has changed in the way they do business; so it was time for a website platform that could move with the times.

Moving away from their existing platform

The team behind the brand needed a web platform that was futureproof, simple and robust. Duo Boots' existing website platform really helped them to grow initially, but it couldn't match the cost-efficiencies of Shopify Plus, nor the simplicity of use for the team. Web Wise was brought on to migrate Duo to Shopify Plus.

How we started

Our initial meetings with Duo Boots quickly revealed the pain points they were experiencing. Technical problems, for example, were abundant and expensive to maintain. We always say to our customers that you shouldn’t need to worry about the technical stuff... Instead, your focus should be on what you do best: selling your product expertise! By proposing a move to a hosted platform like Shopify Plus, we knew we could help.

The process

Over a period of 6 months, we rebuilt the entire Duo Boots site inside Shopify Plus. We re-coded the site using a modern responsive framework to ensure it worked across all devices. We brought an integration partner onto the project with us to help connect Duo's other systems (such as warehouse management, order systems etc). Throughout the process, regular calls with Duo Boots meant everyone was kept up to date.

A smooth launch

The project was timed to go live at the start of Duo Boots autumn collection launch. Our digital marketing partner worked hard to ensure the launch was planned for and advertising campaigns were set-up. The site was thoroughly tested and when the time came, we went live. It didn't take long before sales started to come in and Duo Boots could focus their time on the real work: running a global online fashion brand.