Marketing & Social Media

Facebook adds 5 new reactions

Users are now given the chance to react to posts with love, sad, haha, wow and angry buttons as well as the ubiquitous ‘like’

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1096 days ago

Shopify eCommerce

Extra security for your Shopify eCommerce site

This simple improvement to your Shopify store can yield fantastic benefits for your business.

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1116 days ago


Getting started with WordPress

WordPress allows you to edit many aspects of your website, using a friendly web-based dashboard. This page explains some of the key things you will need to know. How to login to your WordPress site You can log in to your website at where “” is the domain name for your site. Your username and password […]

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1160 days ago

Marketing & Social Media

How to nail your email marketing for the holiday season

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching people over the holiday season.

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1188 days ago


A simple way to push yourself to grow your online store

If you don’t do the small boring things consistently well, then eventually your business will suffer. Here’s a tip to keep pushing yourself!

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1207 days ago

Marketing & Social Media

Is your digital marketing prepared for the festive season?

Try these 4 simple ways to get your digital marketing prepared for the festive season. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business during the busiest time of year.

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1230 days ago

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